Microtek helps in the demerger of Enterprise IT Systems of one of the largest asset management Companies in North America


One of North America’s asset management company was in process of getting merged with another large asset management Company. There were lots of uncertainties and tight deadlines to make the decision of actual IT systems demerging and the execution.

The Challages

Understanding the complex integration, ownership of systems and the impact of IT systems demerging. The overall project delivery had a timeline of 5-6 months. Uncertainty in regulatory approvals during the demerger.

The Solution

Microtek developed a solution where instead of migrating data from one institute to another during a short span of time, recommended to disable to configurations and setups of the enterprise system applications. And then, later purge unwanted data from both systems. Microtek designed a tool to demerge the data and helped the customer GO LIVE within their planned schedule.