Microtek helps European global bank with mobile banking monitoring systems

Two affiliated insurance companies look on to Microtek Systems for a seamless data-migration solution in North America.


A global bank from Europe consulted Microtek to develop a simulator to understand various responses from USSD applications.

The Situation

The USSD application was facing down time due to aggregator and network issues after being reported by the end customer, which impacted the brand value of the bank resulting in lower customer satisfaction. These issues were being handled in a reactive manner.

The Solution

Microtek Systems created a simulator to understand the issue pattern which replicated end user experience and then analyzed the response from the application at various steps. It notified the support team instantly if any issues were detected. An intuitive dashboard was created to view overall health and availability of the application.

It resulted in robust monitoring of USSD application, proactive addressing of downtime related issues and pattern of issues which helped the development team to quickly reach the root cause of the issue. The intuitive dashboard displayed overall health of the application.