Enabling Stronger Foundations

Two affiliated insurance companies look on to Microtek Systems for a seamless data-migration solution in North America.


The partnership deal between two major insurance companies in North America led to challenges in consolidation of accounts- merging business processes and data points accurately.

The Situation

Due to heavy datasets consisting of vital customer information, the companies wanted to ensure smooth servicing of accounts post the transition and put a system in place that would seamlessly extract data from the source, both current and historical, and transport the data in an understandable format to the target system. This process would execute a parallel-run time-frame, sourcing all historical and current transactions and send it over to the target, until the cut-off date. The other challenge was the reconciliation of data between the two systems on a daily basis and fixing inaccuracies, if any.

The Solution

Client satisfaction was of utmost importance and accuracy of data was the key driving force for this project. Microtek assessed the situation and build a solution to ensure a smooth transition of data from source to target and seamlessly integrate the two systems.

Microtek developed a data-pipeline that would source the data from various legacy and live systems, at the source. A pre-transfer reconciliation was done to ensure that the data in the converted set tallies with the data in the source systems. Various intuitive dashboards were setup to show the progress of the conversion processes which highlighted any data inconsistencies and recon issues.

Microtek developed recon engine that would absorb extracts from the source and target systems and match the numbers at the transaction and account levels.


All this resulted in a very robust, efficient and effective application, that, not only converted data from target to source, but also helped fix any data inconsistencies in legacy applications, at the source. Error tracking within the dashboard applications helped in grouping and prioritizing the fixes. End of the day, customers were transitioned over to the new system, without any issues.