Empowering businesses to lead disruption and not be affected by it

Technology is the most crucial enabler that determines business performance and competitive edge. The constant war for innovation, resources, and talent challenges several organizations to face to stay at the forefront of emerging innovations and opportunities.

Companies often make the same mistake of not aligning technology investments or initiatives with business objectives.

Microtek Systems’ specialized Consulting and IT Services pave the road to help you align your actual technology requirements to your business processes and drive value from your investments. We leverage the powerful capabilities of IoT, 3D printing, robotics, artificial intelligence, and several other cognitive technologies embedded in our software solutions to empower businesses like yours to lead disruption and not be affected by it.

We offer a full range of Technology Consulting and Services across different domains
Technology Assessment

Is your organization entering a transition or considering a firm-wide technology upgrade? Our experts can analyze your infrastructure, applications, processes, service provider relationships, and technology-related staff and management if yes. This includes reviewing your planned and ongoing technology projects, return on investment expectations, and the timing of each initiative.

IT Project Effectiveness

Our IT project effectiveness consulting can develop and improve the effectiveness of your projects. We help clients maximize the business results from major IT initiatives, including turnaround programs. We help executives evaluate the investment case, set up projects for success, and ensure they capture value when implementing new systems and programs.

Product Development & Innovation

Product Development & innovation can increase long-term financial performance and company value. Our Product Development Consulting utilizes the most effective strategies and tactics in innovation and product development, including Product development transformation, Lean engineering, Value engineering, Product Lifecycle Management, and Product data management.

Application Development and Maintenance

Our professional experts believe in delivering steady, scalable, and highly responsive applications reinforced with a strong architecture and seamless integration capabilities while focusing on the latest technology features. Microtek continuously redefines its offerings across Application Development, Maintenance and Support, and Application Modernization. The Microtek advantage lies in its strategic combination of technical process, deep domain understanding and expertise, consulting capabilities, and intellectual property (IP) assets.

SharePoint Managed Services

At Microtek, we invest in understanding your business goals and aligning them to a strategic roadmap that ensures continuous innovation and makes business value creation our top priority. We offer support and maintenance services for all SharePoint needs ensuring 24×7 availability of support consultants.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Application Services give optimum support to the multiple functions and business processes that are important to be kept up and running at all times. As your consulting partner, we aim to ensure that Enterprise Applications do what they should do, with the minimum amount of risk or business disruption. Our services include Enterprise Application-enabled business transformation programs, and the design and implementation of Oracle, Microsoft and SAP solutions.

Gain competitive edge with customized technology solutions that impact the bottom line